Artist Statement

I am Karungi Kashushu, a self-taught illustrator from Uganda that uses shapes and colors to tell vibrant stories.
I use digital mediums like adobe illustrator, Photoshop, LightRoom and ProCreate.


My work is recognized by the bold and vibrant color schemes, tribal patterns, doodles and geometric shapes. My pieces usually have a lot of detail either in the foreground or background because I want the viewer to be able to discover something new every time they look at my work.


A lot of my style is influenced by movements in art history like cubism, art nouveau and mosaics, music, dance, poetry, African literature, mythology and social movements.


I studied fine art in high school and even though I couldn’t pursue it in University, I still remained an artist. I started out with traditional art where I majored in portraits and landscape using mediums like water color, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal and acrylic paint. Later on, I took a graphics design course where I used the knowledge of the adobe products to teach myself how to illustrate. I have then found a love in digital art. In the future, I hope to use my art to inspire younger artists especially in Uganda, to believe that art is a respectable and valid career.


My Works

As much as my area of practice is quite wide, I find myself returning to these particular pieces: my heart in graphic form.

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